Aragon – An Alladin’s Cave of Sweet Delights



Aragon, Unit 17, Boundary Corner, Boundary Road, Kyasands

Every baker has those days that leave them with a tingling of excitement, either they have accomplished the impossible for a client, done an amazing new technique in a class or found a special new product.  Today was one of those days for me when I walked into Aragon, a shop that opened today at Unit 17, Boundary Corner, Boundary Road, Kyasands.  Aragon is not just any baking shop, it is an Alladin’s cave of the most beautifully coloured products, perfectly and pristinely packaged to just make your mouth water and your creative brain go into overdrive.

The creative genius behind these products, Wayne, who I have yet to meet, must have the most colourful and sparkly brain if his products and chandeliered shop are anything to go by.  His amazing team are inspirational and it was a pleasure to meet Simone, whose excitement yesterday had me intrigued by this shop.  Bobby and Pretty, could not make a customer feel more welcome or excited by their friendliness and knowledge of all their gorgeous goodies, I love you guys already and can’t believe you are just around the corner.  Pretty you are perfectly named, for your own beauty and also for the pretty and delicious sweet morsels you help create.

From Lemon Meringue Fudgies, Pink Strawberry Meringue Mix, Brazil Nut Toffee and Chocolate Sprinkle, Sparkle Mallows in gorgeous pastel colours, flavourings to make your taste buds do a flip to a variety of Chocolate Pastes and Nuggets, Aragon will keep you entranced for ages.  I can’t wait to pay Aragon another visit this week to add more of their unique goodies to my baking supplies.  As the shop is new, I just have to remember to take cash until they have their card machine up and running.


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