Wendy Figurine on Books

Wendy Figurine on Books

As 2018 starts, I find I have a few cakes and sugar pieces that I still have not blogged, however the new year is always a time of reflection of the year that has just swiftly wizzed by, mixed with the anticipation of the beginning of a new chapter. My life, and not just my sugar life, is recorded in special anecdotes on my Cupcakes2Delite blog which you are now reading. Initially I started this blog because I wanted to leave behind some sort of photographic legacy of what I had learnt to create. It then quickly changed into a way that I could show my appreciation for the family and friends in my life and has now shown me just how much I have evolved in these years as a sugar artist.

Wendy Figurine on BooksI paid tribute to my blogging guru, Wendy, in Jan 2014, in my post about the Wine Fairy I created for her birthday. The little Wine Fairy captured the character of Wendy with her black bob and red and black outfit. Wendy kept this little figurine all the way to 2017, when she finally true to her name became ‘legless’ (the figurine that is and not Wendy)!!!

Wine Fairy Figurine for Wendy, Jan 2014

Wine Fairy Figurine for Wendy, Jan 2014

With my anticipation for 2018, came the need to say a thank you in the form of an ‘updated’ Wendy figurine for Wendy as all my hours of baking, designing, creating, photographing and writing would not have been recorded if it wasn’t for this blog that Wendy patiently taught me how to set up. Thank you Wendy for sewing that blogging seed in my brain and making it seem like an intriguing way to record my story. Not only has it been fun to write my own posts but it has been fun to be invited to write guest posts on other blogs.

My 2018, Modern Day Wendy Figurine, had to show the Wendy we know today.  You will be pleased to see Wendy, that  you have developed a gorgeous decolletage since 2014,  and your little figurine is showing off your brand new funky, spikey hair style (thanks to Craig and his magic scissors), a sassy new figure and of course most importantly your love for books! I chose the last 3 books you excitedly posted on facebook as a pretty perch for your sugar butt. Thank you for all the gorgeous books, old and new, that you choose for us to read, it certainly makes my literary life that much more interesting!

Wendy Figurine on Books

Thanks to you, I have been able to share my blogging knowledge and encourage others to use blogging as a business tool for their sugar and other work. Thanks to you the pages of my life have a way to be shared with my family, friends, clients and teachers. Enjoy your new little Wendy and here’s to 2018 being a fantastic sequal to 2017!


Wendy Figurine on Books

Wendy Figurine on Books

Wendy Figurine on Books

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2 thoughts on “Wendy Figurine on Books

  1. What a fantastic thank-you. However it is my turn to thank you for your unfailing friendship over the years. You have always been talented but your recent work is beyond anything I have seen. Thanks for making me look so slim and gorgeous. I promise you that she won’t go the legless route of the previous mini-me😂 and by the way I am so proud to be associated with your awesome blog!


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