Winter Milo Cupcakes

Thanks to Wendy I now have an awesome new cupcake blog and in keeping with my idea of making this a cupcake blog with the inspiration behind them here goes.  We tried out my new idea for Winter Milo Cupcakes on Friday.  I had simply added milo powder to my vanilla recipe and to the vanilla icing. The results were a delicious cupcake that looked light chocolatey but didn’t smack of milo.  I will have to try these again and will add the milo chocolate bar this time for taste.  Only challenge will be to see if the milo bar lasts long enough to get into the bowl before it is eaten.  Maybe I will have to buy 2 …. or more…..



  1. Yes, all these cupcakes LOOK gorgeous, but how do they taste? Well, I have asked Lisa to bake cupcakes for me for several special occasions and I can honestly say they taste SO good! I particularly love the chocolate, coffee and orange flavours.
    Also, I have to add that I am so impressed with Lisa’s attention to detail. From the time she takes an order, right through to the transportation and delivery of the delicious little things, she takes the utmost care.
    Delightful doing business with you Lisa, look forward to tasting more!

    Love, Michelle


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