Flower 21st Cake

Flower 21st Cake

Sadie celebrated her 21st Birthday earlier this year ….. yes much earlier …. I have been away too long from my blogging!  This layered cake was a huge trend in the cake world this year and it is always difficult to make a trendy cake original.  When Di ordered this particular design for her daughter, I was so delighted to take part in this 2018 trend.

Flower 21st Cake

Di’s brief was a citrus flavoured cake and pink decorations, so I opted for 1 delicious orange sponge cake & the other a naughty naartjie flavour with puffs of zesty lemon buttercream between the 2 sponge layers and on top. If you look closely you will see I piped the meringue kisses in different styled swirls and combinations of soft and vibrant pinks & sprinkled them with tiny white beads. What you can’t see is that these tiny sweet kisses were a delicious passion fruit flavour. Flavour Nation made 2018 just the most delicious year ever as they introduced us to over 70 gorgeous water-based flavours.  I will admit here that my collection is growing weekly and many of the fruit flavours have been used to enhance 1 or 2 G&T’s this year!!!!

Flower 21st Cake

Roses tinged with bright pink and perfectly pert strawberries were all I needed to complete this delicious ensemble and I an embossed white fondant board just added the extra elegance.

Thank you Di and Sadie for another Cupcakes2Delite order and for allowing me to play with one of the sweet trends of 2018.

Flower 21st Cake
Flower 21st Cake

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