Life is a Masquerade!


Life is a Masquerade

Thanks again Julie for giving me a new challenge.  This time it was to make cupcakes for a Masked Ball Birthday Party.  I couldn’t source any ready-made decorations as was the case with the Mad-Hatter party so I tried my hand at making my own.  I was delighted with the result. 

The staff at Baking Bits on Republic Road were also an inspiration, extremely helpful and ready to listen to my questions.  Thanks for having the perfect leaf cutter in stock – it was perfect for making the masks.  Thanks Ed for your idea to finish the mask off with the little black flower.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and thanks to Julie who put her trust in me to come up with something creative for her party.  Great minds must have been thinking alike as it was pure co-incidence that I used a purple and black colour scheme and so did Julie.


2 thoughts on “Life is a Masquerade!

  1. I know how stressed you were about doing these cupcakes but they turned out beautifully! They look divine and those masks are gorgeous (brilliant idea)


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