Inspirational Beauty

Birthday Cake for  a Scrapbooker

Lisa - Our Inspirational Beauty

Yesterday was Lisa’s birthday and it was a privilege to make a cake especially inspired by her.  Lisa is the owner of the most brilliant scrabbooking shop – The Memory Shed in RandPark Ridge.  Wednesday mornings are my favourite morning of the week as we scrap with a fun group of ladies and we have Lisa to inspire us and generally  keep us from going off the scrapping rails!

This cake depicts a double layout of Lisa’s shop set in its gentle and peaceful surrounds.  What you can’t see are all the cats that Lisa has rescued, fed and loved over the years, all the chickens, roosters and guineal fowl that visit her on a daily basis for a chat and all the scrappers she has inspired in this wonderful environment over the years she has had her shop.

Thanks Lisa for being such a kind, loving, giving and inspirational beauty to us all (4-legged friends included here).


10 thoughts on “Inspirational Beauty

    • Thanks Stella. It is thanks to so many people like you who had the faith in me and gave me the encouragement to do this that I have tried something new in my life and of course loving experimenting with colour and pretty things at the same time.


  1. … and thank you for the beautiful cake you made for my birthday – i’m truly blessed to be surrounded by talented girls like you!


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