Summer Loving

On Saturday we celebrated Heritage Day here in South Africa with hundreds of South Africans dusting off their braai tongs after a long winter to do the traditional South African thing and braai!  After a few weeks of gorgeous warm spring weather it turned nippy on Saturday but can’t imagine that it put a damper on any Heritage Day celebrations.  What better way to bring the South African summer sun to the party on Saturday then with these Summer Loving Cupcakes.

Cupcakes with suns, bikinis, towels & beach balls

Here Comes The Sun!

All the decorations were made from coloured sugarpaste.  I embossed the bikinis with an embossing sheet and added a small flower for detail.  The pink towels I cut out rectangular pieces from sugarpaste and then embossed them with a heart cutter.  The yellow and orange towel is my favourite and that I made using an orange rectangular piece of sugarpaste to which I added yellow flowers.  I rolled the flowers into the orange piece and the result was a really colourful beach towel.  The suns I made using 2 star shapes underneath a flattened round piece of sugarpaste.  Below they don’t have the finished eye detail but I added that with my Nicoletta pens for the finished cupcakes.   With these gorgeous colours who wouldn’t want to celebrate our gorgeous sunny South African heritage.

Summer Loving Sugarpaste Decorations

Summer Loving in Sugarpaste



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