Only In South Africa

We have finally come to the end of the Rugby World Cup and well done to New Zealand on Sunday – a close score but delighted they won.   The Springboks did us proud even though it was sad to see them come home too early.  How will we all know what to wear on Fridays now?  It was during the Rugby World Cup mania that Kerry asked me to do cupcakes for her 21st birthday.  The theme was Only in South Africa and she wanted South African themed cupcakes to celebrate her special day.

I made sugar paste rugby balls and painted them the Springbok colours as Kerry is an ardent Springbok supporter.  I made soccer shirts and scarves and added soccer balls and flags to some of the cupcakes. 

Only In South Africa Cupcakes

Only In South Africa Cupcakes

 What would South African cupcakes be without the famous Vuvuzela?  I made some vuvuzelas from sugar paste and added them to the cupcakes with a soccer ball to complete the South African Bafana Bafana theme cupcakes.  The rugby shirts and scarves I made with green sugar paste and added the yellow stripe detail with Rolkem edible colouring.

Only In South Africa Cupcakes

Only In South Africa Cupcakes

We certainly have one of the brightest and most colourful flags in the world and to show off these colours I took the idea from my mexican cupcakes where I painted mexican scarves and I painted South African scarves for these cupcakes.  They came out so brilliantly colourful.  They brought back memories of 2010 and all the supporters in their South African hats and scarves.

Only In South Africa Cupcakes

Only In South Africa Cupcakes

 I always love an excuse to pay a visit to my favourite chocolate shop – Geldhof and it was there I found these chocolate kruger rands covered in gold foil.  I know they are not strictly sugar art but what is a girl’s party without a bit of bling?

Cupcakes with South African Kruger Rands

Only In South Africa Cupcakes

Just for a bit more bling and some laughs, Kerry suggested Zapiro shower heads on some of the cupcakes.  Not an easy call as to get them to look like shower heads and to stand in the cupcakes was not easy.  I made sugar paste shower heads and painted them silver and atttached a thin piece of wire into them to stand them into the cupcakes.  Finished off with the SA flag I am sure they added a few giggles to the party!  Thanks Kerry for trusting me with your 21st birthday cupcake order I loved the challenge of your Only in South Africa theme.

Only In South Africa Cupcakes

Zapiro Shower Head Cupcakes



2 thoughts on “Only In South Africa

  1. Dear Lisa

    Thank you so much for doing the cupcakes for my 21st Birthday party. I got many comments on how beautiful they were and most importantly how delicious they were. I fell in love with the chocolates ones, despite my staunch love for red velvet.

    Need an excuse to have another party so I can order more cupcakes:)

    Kerry Elliott


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