Dora The Explorer Cupcakes!

I was asked to do cupcakes for a little girl’s birthday party this week.  An easy task, I thought, as I know all the little girl themes, Barbie, Hello Kitty etc but when the mom asked me to do Dora the Explorer for her little girl I said Dora the who……?  After recovering from the shock of having aged so much that I have lost track of all the new kids shows I had a look at pictures on google of this little Dora character.  I am pleased to say that I have obviously not aged too drastically as I found her to be quite a delightful and fun character and I will definitely be catching up on some of her shows once my baking for the silly season is over.  Dora herself was not easy to recreate in sugar paste at short notice but I noticed she had some friends who are stars so I decided to make these for the cupcakes.

Dora the Explorer Cupcakes

Dora the Explorer Cupcakes

I made different coloured stars with little eyes and drew a smile on each one with my edible pen.  I put the stars on the cupcakes with coloured sprinkles and glitter and then added a ‘snowglobe’ over each cupcake.  These were simple to do as I painted the inside of each dome with tylose and then sprinkled them with white hundreds and thousands.  They looked really cute and I hope I was able to do this delightful character justice with these cupcakes.  Right what number is Disney channel again…..?

Dora the Explorer Cupcakes

Dora the Explorer Cupcakes


2 thoughts on “Dora The Explorer Cupcakes!

  1. Thank you so much for aaaaawsome cupcake – they were a great hit. Even the adults fell in love with them. They really were gorgeous and delish, delish, delish.!!!!! Dora is on Nickelodeon channel 305


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