Happy Birthday Tracy!

Lime Green & Chocolate Cupcakes

Lime Green & Chocolate Cupcakes

I have a page in my gallery for quick reference so that visitors to my site can look up cupcakes for women, It is – For the Beautiful Women in Your Life.  These cupcakes I made for Tracy who is one of the beautiful women in my life.  She is an awesome mother, wife and friend and it has been a privilege to have met her this year when Teigh and Paige introduced us to each other.  Thank you Tracy again for welcoming Teigh into your family and your home so easily and a huge thank you for welcoming him into your kitchen and grocery budget as you know how much he loves to eat and he is always so excited to share a meal with your family.

Tracy loves chocolate so to celebrate her birthday I baked chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate icing laced with Beacon’s smooth and creamy Midnight Velvet Chocolate.  Tracy is a bright and colourful person so to top these velvety chocolate cupcakes I made lime green and pearl flowers.  Thanks to the latest cake decorating magazine – party cakes-  I found at CNA, I was inspired to try out a few different designs for Tracy’s cupcakes.  While being inspired by gorgeous designs I came up with 2 of my own, the large flower with the multi-pearl centre and the layered green and white flower.  These are really easy and quick to do.  For the large flower I cut out 2 of the same shaped flower and then cut away the centre of one of the flowers.  I layered the cut one over the first one and made a ball for the centre of the flower and filled the gaps with pearls.  For the layered flower I cut 3 flowers of the same shape layering them one on top of the other and cut a small daisy for the final layer.  What would I do without these gorgeous pearls to complete my designs?

Lime Green & Chocolate Cupcakes

Lime Green & Chocolate Cupcakes

Thank you Tracy for being a beautiful and colourful pearl in our lives and the lives of those around you and for being  the inspiration for these gorgeous cupcakes!


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Tracy!

  1. These cupcakes look so beautiful. I’ve said it before but here goes again – they just look too good to eat! I usually photograph the cupcakes I get from Lisa and then proceed to devour them, especially the chocolate ones. Well done again Lisa. Happy Birthday Tracy, hope you had a great bithday and that the year ahead brings you all good thingsxxx


  2. The cupcakes were so beautiful and each one an individual! How did you know green, the colour of nature, is my favourite colour ?! When I left Lifestyle, everyone was oohing and aahing over them. As per usual, they tasted as yummy as they looked! Once again you have shown your exceptional creativity, caring and generous heart. Thank you so much for helping to make my day very special. xxxxxxxx Tracy


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