My New Year’s Baby Turns 18!

New Years Day, 18 years ago, turned out to be one of the most amazing days of my life. It was the day that my son, Teigh, came into this world and completely changed our lives.  Every day since then has been an awesome day just because he is around.  Ok before all the soppy bits there were many funny bits about that morning as both Eddie and I had enjoyed a brilliant late New Year’s Eve celebration.  I had had a few Irish coffees to bring in the New Year – the South African one and then the Irish one.  Ok call in the Pregnancy Police as yes in those days it was not yet a diet of lentils and water in order to ensure you gave birth to a genius of a baby!  Eddie had had more than just a few Irish coffees so he was not really that excited when he was woken with the words “I think it is time to go to the hospital”.  He came round to the excitement until I told him not to breath anywhere near the nurses.  Teigh should have been born a Leo and not a Capricorn as he announced his arrival with an almighty howling and just to remind us he was around he carried on for another few months.  From the first moment I held him I knew he was just an amazing gift from God and still wonder daily why Eddie and I were chosen to be his parents.  We obviously did quite a good job though as we were chosen again when our beautiful daughter Ceire was born a few years later.

Teigh turned 18 on New Years Day this year and he is now an incredibly handsome, gentle-natured and intelligent young man, (yes can you believe it he came out a genius in spite of those Irish coffees)!  He has been a joy to have around for the last 18 years and his love and zest for life along with his sense of humour have made him not only a brilliant son but also a great friend to those who have got to know him.  Thanks Teigh for coming into our lives in such a fun way and for making our lives richer and more fun.

Now for those of you who think it is cool to be a New Year’s Baby, yes it has its advantages as in every birthday will always be a public holiday but this may not be the best as everyone is sleeping off the night before, well everyone except for me who is trying to rustle up a birthday cake.  Have you ever tried to buy/order a cake for New Years Day? Not the easiest, probably the reason why I got into baking all those years ago – we have Teigh again to thank for all these cakes and cupcakes today!  This New Year was no different as I was on holiday without my kitchen and baking goodies and Eddie would have had a minor heart attack if I had tried to pack anymore into the car.  What we did have though were meringue nests from Spar, ice-cream and loads of goodies to add to it, a view second to none from our 6th floor apartment in Ballito and all our family to celebrate Teigh’s birthday with him, who could ask for anything more!

Ice-cream, meringue cupcakes

Ice-cream, meringue cupcakes

Teigh loves the Christmas ice-cream I make every Christmas Eve so I made it again for his birthday ‘cupcakes’.  I chopped a bar of mint chocolate, a packet of tumbles, a handful of choc chip biscuits, chocolate coated cranberries (or cherries) and almonds (any nuts are ok too) and I mixed them all into  slightly softened ice-cream and then popped it back into the freezer to set.  To serve I put the ice-cream into the bought meringue nests and then popped 2 hazelnut chocolate biscuits on top for decoration.  Not too bad for a holiday birthday cupcake.

Ice-cream, meringue cupcakes

Ice-cream, meringue cupcakes

Of course the cupcake would not be complete until it had been photographed not easy when you are holding it out on a 6th floor balcony under the African Sun in 30 deg heat to try and get the sea in the background to complement the cupcake.  

Teigh and everyone loved his birthday cupcakes and here’s to my 18 year old, I am so delighted to have shared these past years as your mom and so proud to be able to call you my son.

Tanith, Ceire, Teigh & Roarke - Ballito 2012

Tanith, Ceire, Teigh & Roarke - Ballito 2012


6 thoughts on “My New Year’s Baby Turns 18!

    • Thanks Wendy, I know all our boys in matric this year have been brilliant sons to us and friends to each other and hope that it is a busy but fun year for all of them. Looking back what happened to those first school days when their shorts and shirts were almost hanging down to their knees? Now it is difficult to find trousers that reach Teigh’s ankles!


      • Those were the days when they listened to us, talked to us, ate what we gave them, wore what we chose and did what we said …….

        Mmmmmmmmmm things have changed somewhat. But I do agree with you. There is a nice bunch of boys who have been together now for 12 years. Hopefully they will remain friends for many more years.


      • I agree, would almost say those were the good old days but that might give away my age and anyway I love the characters and young men they have all grown into.


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