Wrought Iron Cake Stands

Beaded Cupcake Stand

Beaded Cupcake Stand

I promised you all I would show you my new cupcake stands, well show is not quite the right word as I think brag would be more appropriate in this case.  Beautiful cupcakes need beautiful stands and it is not easy to find affordable and well made stands that display cakes and cupcakes effectively.  After researching different stands available in South Africa on google I was excited to find Russell Gibson’s website and his brilliant catalogue of custom made wrought iron stands.  I called Russell last Monday and popped over to Edenvale to have a look at his wrought iron stands. It was like a blast from the past as I mentioned in my previous post to be back in Edenvale and to visit the Chocolate Den while I was there too.

Russell is passionate in his amazing crafting of these stands and it was a pleasure to meet him and do business with him.  I placed my order last Monday and was delighted when he phoned on Thursday to say that I could come and collect my 3 cake stands, my book stand and a bird feeder. The stand I have photographed is my favourite as it is so pretty and whimsical with the beaded edge.  You will see pictures of the others soon on my blog.  There are cake shops using Russell’s stands all around South Africa and those of you who have admired the wrought iron stands seen in ‘Petite Fours’ and other shops take time to appreciate the time and dedication that goes into the creating of these stands.

Russell's Workshop

Russell's Workshop

I had to take a picture of his workshop on site as it was just a delight to see such a creative workspace in which he molds iron into beautiful shapes….and here I thought molding sugar paste was tricky!

Cupcakes on Beaded Wrought Iron Stand

Cupcakes on Beaded Wrought Iron Stand

Thank you Russell for your incredible service and I can’t tell you how excited I am to use the 3 new stands you have made for me.

Contact Russell Gibson Cell: 072 9006266 or visit his website: http://www.cmwi.co.za.


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