Golden Wedding Anniversary Cupcakes

Golden Wedding Anniversary Cupcakes

Golden Wedding Anniversary Cupcakes

A huge congratulations to Jerry and Averil who celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary this weekend. Their daughter Tracy and her husband Malcolm hosted the family celebration at their home and Tracy decorated the tables in gold and yellow and she asked me to do gold and yellow cupcakes to match her decor. I made gold hearts to represent the love that this couple have shared for each other for the past 50 years and then yellow flowers and roses to complete the colour theme. May you share many more wonderful anniversary celebrations with your amazing daughter and family.

Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze.  ~Elinor Glyn


8 thoughts on “Golden Wedding Anniversary Cupcakes

  1. I read the description first and also wasnt sure how yellow and gold would look together – but wow – the cupcakes look gorgeous!


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