A Taste of Love….eat this Shakespeare!

'Valentines Rose Cupcake

This was a special cupcake created for Teigh’s girlfriend, Paige.  A unique red satin-finished sugarpaste rose for his one-of-a-kind girl!  His request was a cupcake with a single red rose and I added the miniature red hearts for some extra love on this cupcake. Teigh designed his own cupcake box on which he stamped A Taste of Love. His gift to her was a photobook of photos and poetry describing how much she means to him.  Shakespeare and his poetic cronies are smiling down on this young couple with delight as they see the art of poetic love being still unashamedly used in the 21st century. How aptly we named this young man as Teigh, in Irish, means poet or philosopher. Words of love and appreciation are so precious in this technological age so thanks guys for sharing them so openly with each other and revelling in the beauty and expressiveness of our English language.

Valentines Rose Cupcake


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