Paige’s Valentine’s Cake

Paige's Valentine Cake

Paige's Valentine Cake

Before we say goodbye to a brilliant Valentine’s week I have to post this exquisite cake that Paige made for Teigh.  The sponge cake is an eggless chocolate sponge which had a rich chocolatey taste.  Paige whipped up fresh cream to sandwich the 2 heart-shaped sponges together and added lovely red raspberries in the middle and on the sides of the cake.  True to her brilliant artistic skills she finished off the cake by placing it on a white dish and then decorating the plate with cocoa hearts and velvety rose petals.  Just in case she hadn’t quite expressed her love for Teigh through this cake, she drizzled chocolate ganache over the cake and then liberally sprinkled miniature sugar paste hearts to create a gorgeous contrast on the rich chocolate topping.  Thank you Paige this cake was a wonderful way of saying I love you to Teigh and he savoured every slice until every last crumb was eaten.

Paige's Valentine Cake

Paige's Valentine Cake


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