Make a Raquet with these Cupcakes!

Tennis Cupcakes

What are the odds of doing 2 cupcake orders in one weekend that are both for sporty guys, well the odds were in my favour this time as I had a chance to do sporty cupcakes again on Sunday for Byron’s 18th birthday celebration – 2 all for me1!  I moulded  sugar paste tennis raquets for these cupcakes.  I dusted the strings of the raquets with a glimmer dust to give them their definition and then painted the raquet with red and black food colouring.  For someithing different I iced the other cupcakes with yellow and white icing to resemble tennis ballls.  Thanks Byron for the loan of your raquet and tennis balls for the photographs and hope you had fun  celebrating with your family.

Byron is one of those boys who give him either a cricket, golf, soccer or tennis ball he will be able to excel with it. He has a passion for all these ball sports and plays each of these sports with natural ease.  At the weekend Byron plays golf to relax from the stresses of growing up into a young man but his main focus in his life is his tennis.  Many hours of practise and countless hours on the court means that Byron is  placed  as the Number 1 player at Trinityhouse and his genuine and fun personality makes him a fantastic Trinityhouse tennis captain. Byron you are an inspiration to the players in your team, your opponents and many younger tennis players, you have made your mom and dad extremely proud parents and I know you will go far in life with such dedication to your sport. I have loved watching you grow up from a little gradey kicking a soccer ball around on the field with your friends into such a determined young man. The ball’s in your court now!

Tennis Cupcakes


9 thoughts on “Make a Raquet with these Cupcakes!

  1. Oh Lisa your kind words about Byron make me sooooooo proud! Thank you so much. He is a bit ‘ball’ crazy isn’t he?
    Your cupcakes were even better than I imagined them to be. My family who had obviously never seen any of your beautiful work were so taken aback when I brought them out on my fancy (borrowed from you of course) platter. As per usual they were totally yummy as well. Thanks so much!!!!!


  2. Lisa, your blogs are always so beautifully written. I love the story behind each cupcake that you make. It makes it so very personal and with alot of meaning. These cupcakes are no doubt made from the heart!! Love the way you have combined your writing and creative talents together! These cupcakes are beautiful!


    • Thanks to all the awesome clients I make cupcakes for I am inspired to write these stories and thanks to all your tips my photography is improving too!


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