Jamming Cupcakes for Brad’s 18th Birthday!

Guitar Cupcakes

Brad is a bass guitarist and is celebrating his 18th Birthday tonight. I found these colourful guitars and music notes from Jodees and they make a perfect topping to Brad’s cupcakes which are rich chocolate – his favourite.  I couldn’t resist using an Eric Clapton book as a backdrop  for these photos as he is a brilliant guitarist and passionate musician and is an influence in every young guitarists life.  Wishing you a jamming 18th birthday Brad and may the music last long into the night for you as you celebrate with your friends.

Guitar Cupcakes

Guitar Cupcakes


4 thoughts on “Jamming Cupcakes for Brad’s 18th Birthday!

  1. Hey Lis, love the cupcakes (and embelishments) as always and especially your photo-styling – awesomeness!
    Ps you were sorely missed on Friday night – many requests were made for the ‘cupcake Lady’!!!


    • Thanks Lisa, it is amazing how much I can find around the house to photograph my cupcakes with and I am having fun experimenting with my cupcake styling! Hope the market was fun!


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