Cupcakes for KMad – Decade Show

Red, Yellow, Orange & Black Cupcakes

Red, Yellow, Orange & Black Cupcakes

It was a real honour when Kelsey asked me to do the cupcakes for the Saturday evening of her KMad – Decade show.  It has been so exciting to follow the shows that Kelsey has produced in the last few years and I have spent many an evening marvelling at the talent of her young dancers who energetically and beautifully bring to life her awesome and powerful choreography.  When you watch any one of her dances you are no longer a member of the audience but you are drawn into the passion and story-telling of each dance as the dancers enthrall and the music captivates you.

How then do you do justice to Kelsey and the KMad dancers?  The Cake Boss did a cake for a dance production in America a while ago and I was intrigued how he took pictures of the dancers and placed them around the cake.  He then added two dancing figurines on the top tier and he made the sugar paste material of their costumes drape seductively down the remaining tiers.  I don’t think all of this would have managed to translate onto a cupcake so I chose firstly a brightly coloured theme of red, orange, yellow and black as Kelsey has to be one of the most colourful and interesting people I have met.  I decorated some of the chocolate cupcakes with creamy white chocolate icing and then added orange and black music notes and colourful flowers to these cupcakes.  The music notes symbolise the interesting pieces of music that Kelsey uses in her choreography.  The Decade Show reminded us of the brilliance of our local South African artists.

Red, orange, yellow & black flower cupcakes

10 years of passion and extremely hard work on her part meant I could add this to Kelsey’s cupcakes and most importantly without the beautiful and agile dancers and their musical feet there would not be such phenomenal entertainment for the dance audience, so I added embossed feet and bright flowers to the dark chocolate iced cupcakes.  I hope these cupcakes portrayed the excitement and joy that Kelsey and her dancers have given us all over the past 10 years and I hope that her talent and these dancers continue to enthrall many an audience.

KMad - Decade Cupcakes


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