Happy Anniversary Cupcakes2Delite!

Honey & Pistachio Cupcakes

Cupcakes2Delite is officially a year old today as it was exactly a year ago that Wendy and I sat together and launched my new blog.  As you know I had a foot op a week ago and have been off my feet since then so any baking, photography etc is strictly not allowed.  I have really been missing my baking and my blogging and took the time today to just go through old pics and posts only to realise by chance that May 19th, a year ago was the beginning of my new adventure into baking and blogging. I can’t believe how far I have come in a year as my creativity both in the ideas for the cupcakes and the photography has done an about turn right under my nose.  In a short time I have learned so much from so many creative and wonderful people that have ventured into my life in the past year, some of them I chat to daily and others I know only through their books or their brilliant blogs. What a creative adventure this has turned out to be and what a pleasure to have so many friends, fans and followers.

These Honey and Pistachio Cupcakes are a perfect way to celebrate a year of research, reading, questioning and laughing my way through new cupcake ideas. No I am not Superwoman and did not quickly make them today, but made them a few weeks ago for an incredible group of ladies who inspire me in so many ways on a weekly basis, my Wednesday scrapbooking gang!  I bought these exquisite Wilton’s Yellow Petal cupcake holders http://www.wilton.com/ from the Chocolate Den and I wanted a cupcake that would suit the dainty green, yellow and white colouring of these cases.  I made an experimental Honey & Pistachio Cupcake as being a bit colour obsessed I thought perfect match in colour with these flavours!  The creamy cream cheese icing and dainty yellow flower do the final justice to the cupcake holder and the cupcakes were drop dead delicious even if I say so myself (I wish I had one now)!

Honey & Pistachio Cupcakes

You would not be seeing my cupcakes in different ways each time I blog if it was not for Lisa Nadene, my scrapbook teacher, friend and photography guru.  She is the one who taught me that photography is not about just pointing a camera and hoping for the best but it is about a passionate relationship between the photographer, the camera and whoever or whatever is being photographed.  Of course Lisa adds in the extra nuance of the perfect backdrop to her subject matter.  I asked Lisa to take these photographs of my cupcakes and they are so perfect and inspirational for this anniversary blog. Lisa has captured everything I wanted to show off in these beautiful cupcakes.

Honey & Pistachio Cupcakes

Thank you to:

My wonderful husband Eddie, by far the best fan of my cupcakes, thanks to you for the brilliant camera and my Kitchenaid and allowing me to follow this adventure!

My 2 beautiful children, Teigh and Ceire, always willing tasters and pride and joy of my life!

My true friends who are my best critics, best fans and who provide the inspiration, gifts and laughter to get me through each challenge and project that comes my way!  So many to name here but you know exactly who you are!

My customers who inspire me with their themes and ideas and their attention to detail when ordering for special occasions!

Wendy – well without you there would be no blog and life would be really dull!

Lisa – again your passion and inspiring ways have translated into everything that is beautiful about my blog!

Russell and the makers of all the beautiful cupcake stands as what would a great cupcake be without a perfect stand to show it off on!

The creative and passionate shopkeepers who willingly share their ideas and creative tips with me and all the other bakers out there!

All those brilliant authors of books, magazines, blogs, facebook pages who share their ideas so selflessly with everyone thus inspiring me to learn new techniques and try out new ideas, you are the absolute gems of this industry!

Happy Anniversary Cupcakes2Delite!


8 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary Cupcakes2Delite!

  1. Congrats Lisa. The pics of your beautiful creations always cheer up my day. Thanks for sharing them. Hope the foot heals. Lots of love. Helen


  2. Congrats on the first anniversary of your business! I follow your blogging with great enjoyment, and hope it won’t be too long before you are back on your feet, baking avidly and passionately again! xx


    • Thanks Alison, hope I am allowed up soon as I really miss the baking and creating. Look out for interesting wedding cupcakes coming up on the 9th June – I can’t wait to make them!


  3. Congratulations Lisa and Cupcakes 2 Delite! and thank you for the beautiful words Lisa I am really honoured and blessed to be friends with you and to share ideas, and to taste your awesome cupcakes. your blog is beautiful, I love the way each cupcake that you make has a story – everyone who orders from you can rest assured that they are getting the best, freshest ingrediants, blended by a top notch Kitchenaid and made with so much love. I’m sure you are often asked about your secret ingredient, well it is not a secret it is love. It is made with love and love is all you need.


    • Thanks Lisa and I am looking forward to share more stories for the next year and yes I do love love love baking these interesting cupcakes so glad you get to taste that ingredient too!


  4. Happy anniversary to us!! You are so welcome dear and I must say that you and you alone have made this blog into something special. Here’s looking at the next 28,000 hits!!


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