Camping Themed Cupcakes for Luca

Camping Themed Cupcakes

These Camping Themed Cupcakes were such fun to make for Luca’s birthday.  Luca’s birthday theme sounded like so much fun when Alison described the party and it reminded me of the days when my own son was so much younger and received his first tent as one of his presents.  We had to set the tent up for him in his room and he immediately took all his presents and food into the tent and proceeded to camp out in it for the entire night!

As Luca and his friends were going to be taught fire-making skills during his party, I made cupcakes for him with a small fire and flames on them.  For the sticks I used chocolate-covered pretzels which I snapped into shorter pieces and leaned them against each other on the cupcake.  The flames I made from red, orange and yellow sugar paste in different sizes and then placed them behind the sticks.  Luca, I hope you and your friends had as much fun making your own fires as I did making your ‘Fire Cupcakes’!

Camping Themed Cupcakes


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