Thank You Cupcakes

Christmas CupcakesThank you Siobhan for asking me to do your special Thank You Cupcakes for the nursing staff of the Sandton Clinic ICU.  I was touched to hear your family’s story of how these medical proffesionals have helped your son during his recovery.  You, Matt and your family have had a really difficult last 10 months and it is amazing that you still take the time to remember all those who have helped your son on what has been a truly tough journey.  You mentioned that you loved the pics of  the Purple and Silver Christmas Cupcakes I made last year so I used the purple and silver and added a little green and yellow to make flowers and snowflakes for these cupcakes.  I hope that these colourful cupcakes brought a smile to many faces on Monday morning and I am delighted that I could be a part of thanking such special people at this time of the year.

Thank You Cupcakes


2 thoughts on “Thank You Cupcakes

  1. Thanks Lisa for the most beautiful cupcakes which went down a treat at the clinic. There were even some spare for my mom’s birthday which we celebrated with her that evening!


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