White Christmas Cupcakes

White Christmas Cupcakes

White Christmas Cupcakes

Last year Glyn ordered Christmas cupcakes for her office year end function and I did the traditional red, green and white colour scheme for the sugar paste decorations.  With this year’s order Glyn chose white cupcakes in keeping with their theme of a White Christmas and she asked me to add a hint of colour.  The sugar paste icicles are always so dainty and pretty on cupcakes so I made silver and green sparkly icicles and added them to delectable cranberry, raisins, currants, cinammon and nutmeg cupcakes.  The aroma of these cupcakes baking in my kitchen meant Christmas had definitely arrived!  Thanks again for your order Glyn and I hope everyone in your office enjoyed a bit of Christmas magic in these cupcakes ant that they all have a peaceful festive season.


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