Biker Boy Cupcakes!

My Biker Boy Turns 19!

My Biker Boy Turns 19!

Every New Year’s Day Teigh gets double wishes, Happy New Year and Birthday Wishes.  It was no different this year as he celebrated his 19th birthday on the 1st January.  Among his many passions in life is his new bike and I was delighted when I found these cool sugar paste bikes at Jodees in December.  I made chocolate cupcakes with a swirl of vanilla cream cheese icing and then popped the bikes standing in the icing.  The beige and brown sugar beads were the last addition to resemble the stony terrain he loves to ride on.  He had a great day celebrating with family and friends and the cupcakes were the final sweet touch to his 19th birthday celebration.  Happy Birthday my wonderful Biker Boy and congratulations on all your brilliant achievements of 2012.  I am sure 2013 is going to be an awesome and exciting year for you.

Teigh's Birthday Cupcakes


2 thoughts on “Biker Boy Cupcakes!

  1. What beautiful little bikes 🙂 I am sure Teigh was over the moon with these. Thanks so much for my yummy cupcakes. The nougat one is a definite hit – must still taste the others (I am pacing myself)


    • Thanks and had to go with the blue for his new Yamaha! The nougat looked so yummy even though the nougat melted on the top a bit it made it all the more enticing.


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