Passion Fruit and Orange Cupcakes

Passionfruit & Orange Cupcakes

2013 will be a year of trying out new flavours and new looks for my cupcakes and as it was Daniel’s birthday last week it gave me another opportunity to try out something slightly different.  I have made the Passionfruit and White Chocolate Cupcakes before and they were a hit so I made them again adding a cream cheese icing to the cupcakes and a delicious drizzle of passion fruit with a sprinkling of white chocolate bits to the top.  I was inspired by some beautifully aromatic imported oranges I bought from Woolworths to make Orange and White Chocolate Cupcakes to add to Daniel’s gift.  I added the juice and rind of the oranges to my vanilla cupcake recipe as well as a generous helping of white chocolate chips and then added some grated orange zest to the final iced cupcakes for an added orange twist.  My favourite chocolate treat, Chuckles, provided the perfect topping for these cupcakes.  Happy Birthday Daniel and thank you for all the amazing dance inspiration and creative energy you put into every dance lesson.  I hope my culinary creativity went down well!

Passionfruit & Orange Cupcakes



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