Beautiful Blooming Cupcakes

Cupcakes for a Gardener

After Jan’s excitement a year ago over the gardening cake I made for her birthday, I was thrilled that we could celebrate with her again this year and as the gardening theme was a winning formula I thought I would stick to it  for her cupcakes this year.  As you can see in my photos I had a huge amount of fun with different summer colours and flower designs and then even more fun grouping the flowers into their pots, wheelbarrows and barrrels.  Of course every gardener needs a pretty pair of wellington boots and a fetching sun hat so I included sugar paste versions of these too.  In keeping with the garden theme I made Rose and White Chocolate Cupcakes and Lavender and White Chocolate Cupcakes all deliciously iced with a creamy vanilla icing.

On a Monday morning previous to making these cupcakes I had taken a trip into Parkhurst, a place close to my heart for so many reasons and the latest being In Good Company’s move to this quaint suburb.  Walking into their shop is just the perfect delight for any shopper and entertainer as their attention to detail in their displays and the quality of their products is superb.  With Jan in mind, I was drawn to these pretty Meri Meri cupcake cases with their pretty striped and flower detail and I Love Cupcake font and to another new product the Meri Meri Cupcake Gift Boxes.  The gift boxes hold 4 cupcakes each and are shaped as a little roofed cottage with a window through which you can view the cupcakes.  The cupcake gods certainly had me in mind as these beautiful purchases became the colour inspiration for Jan’s cupcakes.  In Good Company also had the perfect gift for Jan in the form of a garden trowel and fork covered in a delicate rose design. Their unusual array of ribbons kept me a while longer as I chose the perfect one for wrapping Jan’s present which you will see here in the photo belo

Cupcakes for a Gardener

A trip to Parkhurst is not complete on visiting only one shop so another exciting window display in The Windmill caught my eye and it was in this lovely gift shop where I found the perfect cream cake stand for these beautiful cupcakes.  I loved the embossed metal work and dainty daisy cutouts in the metal and I know that this is a stand I will use over and over again.

Cupcakes for a Gardener

Needless to say, we had a brilliant morning celebrating with Jan who was once again impressed by how well we all know her as we chose gifts for her home and garden.  You may be impressed with us Jan but it is thanks to your open, honest and fun personality that we have got to know you and you are an inspiration in your careful and dedicated way that you scrap your most precious family moments and willingly share with us your sad moments, crazy moments and mostly your fun moments.  Thanks for being a friend to us all and Wednesday mornings would just not be the same without you!

Cupcakes for a Gardener

Delighted to share in Jan’s Garden of Life!


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