Farmyard Cupcakes

Farmyard Cupcakes

Lyn asked me to do cupcakes with a Farmyard theme for a 2 year old’s birthday party.  Not being a natural artist when it comes to animals, I had to google and get ideas for these cupcakes.  I came across the idea to make just the animal heads from sugar paste and I made horses, pigs, sheep, cows and chickens with their naughty expressions and then iced the cupcakes according to the animals; chocolate for my lovely brown horses, perky pink for the pigs, wooly white for the sheep and cows and cheeky yellow for the chickens.

Farmyard Cupcakes

Old MacDonald has nothing on these Cupcakes!

These cute animals were quite happy to join my Cupcake Farmyard for the day and I am sure they delighted many birthday guests both young and those a little less young.  Thank you for such a fun order Lyn.

Farmyard Cupcakes

With a cluck cluck here and an oink oink there!



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