A Night at the Oscars Cupcakes

Oscars Cupcakes

Oscars Cupcakes

A Night at the Oscars

Craig celebrated his 21st with an Oscars Themed party for his guests and his mom, Adele, asked me to do cupcakes for the occasion.  I created red carpets, ticket stubs, old fashioned movie reels, tuxedos and evening dresses, envelopes, directors’ boards and of course popcorn boxes from sugar paste.  I added these to vanilla iced red velvet & vanilla cupcakes.  These cupcakes were loads of fun to make and I was so delighted to see how they fitted in so perfectly to the elegantly decorated hall that Adele had so perfectly planned for her son’s 21st.  Thanks again for your order Adele and I was delighted to hear that everyone enjoyed their cupcakes.

Oscars Cupcakes

And the Oscar goes to……



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