Teddy Bear Cake for Lisa(TQO)

Pink Teddy Bear Cake

Lisa(TQO) was the first of the 3 Lisa’s to celebrate her birthday this year during our Wednesday scrapbooking class a few weeks ago.  As this was the 3rd birthday that I was privileged to celebrate with Lisa I wanted to make her a cake which would portray her passions and character in fun way.  Lisa makes the most beautiful handmade bears as gifts for the special people in her life and we have seen a few of them with their delightful faces and accessories.  This little pink bear (we knicknamed her Lisa) was the perfect sugar accessory for Lisa’s cake and I had such fun making her after learning how to mould bears during one of Grace Stevens’ classes this year.  I have to add here that Grace is such a great teacher that after making just one bear with her, I was so pleased that I remembered everything she had taught us and for the 2nd bear I have made in my sugarcraft years, I think she is rather cute!

Pink Teddy Bear Cake

If I had to paint a couple of pictures of Lisa, they would all portray a beautiful, fun-loving and caring friend and if I had to choose only one it would be a picture of Lisa going out to friend’s of hers to watch Will and Kate’s Royal Wedding all beautifully dressed up for the occasion with her pretty hat for the day.  There were cupcakes, pearls and roses of course that had to accompany Lisa that day and I can only imagine the raucous fun that was shared on that Royal Day!  Needless to say Teddy Lisa had to have a pretty hat and bow too and her cake had to have roses to complete it.  Lisa loves her quiliting so I made a sugar embossed and ‘stitched’ quilt for her to perch her pretty pink teddy bear butt on. Lisa, our forever imaginative teacher, added the 50 ‘something’ candle to the cake.  Most importantly she had to have soft rolled blankets close to her because equally close to Lisa’s heart are the children that she teaches and loves at the children’s home.  Once again Lisa selflessly asked for gifts of blankets for these children to cuddle up with instead of gifts for herself and what a beautiful and colourful array of cosy blankets she received for these children.  Thank you Lisa for colouring our lives with your humour, your generosity and your sense of fun every Wednesday and have fun with the children warm this winter in their cuddly blankets.

Pink Teddy Bear Cake

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” – Mother Teresa


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