Teddy Bear Christening Cake

Teddy Bear Christening Cake

Teddy Bear Christening Cake

A Teddy Bear Cake especially ordered by Lisa (TQO)’s for the christening of her god-child, Calla Grace.  I was excited to craft another teddy, this time a pale pink one with brown nose and white trim.  I am amazed that every time I make a teddy I am transported back to Grace Stevens class where I first learned to work with sugar paste in this way and I love that I am able to remember each step she taught us in this particular class.  Lisa requested a pillow cake covered in white sugar paste with a pretty embossed bib on it and then also wanted Calla Grace’s name included in the design.  Thanks Lisa for this gorgeous order and great design which made it really easy for me to envision and put together.  I loved meeting all your family and your beautiful god-child Calla Grace.

Teddy Bear Christening Cake


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