Clowning Around!

Clown Cakes

Michelle and Hayley celebrated their birthdays a week apart so we had a joint celebration at scrapbooking for them in October last year.  They are both beautiful women so fairies on the cakes would have been totally appropriate but as I was feeling more adventurous and Grace Stevens’ new book Celebration Cakes was beckoning me to try something new I bravely made these 2 clown figurines for the first time.  Not sure why I had taken so long to try something new as Grace explains and demonstrates so clearly in her book each step for every figurine.  I loved the 2 really naughty and cute clowns that I created and they were a delight sitting on their individual cakes.  Their naughty faces and bright cheerful colours were perfect for Michelle and Hayley who are bright characters in our class and always make us smile and laugh with their comments and stories.  We work hard but my title for this post “Clowning Around” can definitely be applied to many a Wednesday morning!

Clown Cakes

Clown Cakes



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