Mothers Day Cupcakes

Pink & Peach Mothers Day Cupcakes

Last Sunday we celebrated Mothers Day here in South Africa and it was a gorgeous winter day for all of us moms to be treated. I know I was more than spoilt with exquisite pottery mugs and bowl and roses from my husband, my favourite MAC make-up from my daughter and Gordon Ramsey’s Home Cooking from my son. After a delicious lunch at Frenzi, I could honestly say I had a brilliantly relaxing day with my family so thank you guys!

As all moms love a sweet treat on their special day I advertised my Mothers Day Cupcakes for sale with the proceeds going towards the TrinityHouse School Debs and Squires Fund-Raising, 2014. I was really touched that so many friends and clients ordered for this occasion and generously supported this fund-raising at the same time. I  just want to send out a huge thank you to you all for your orders, my business rocks because of all of you!

I loved how these embossed pale peach hearts complemented the embossed blue flowers and thanks to Martha Stewart’s alphabet mold & Ceire’s patient molding of all these M’s the cupcakes were a perfect gift for any mom.

As I celebrated with my children I remembered the friends and family who tragically no longer have their children to hold on this special day and all the moms whose children were just a bit too far away to hold. No matter where our children are, as a mother, we will always feel blessed to have had our children grace our lives with their uniqueness and we will hold them close to our hearts forever.


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