Cupcakes for a Body Builder!

Cupcakes for a Body Builder

Congratulations to Jeff Tsoutsos for placing 4th in the WBFF competition held in Johannesburg last weekend! It was quite a challenge when your gorgeous girlfriend, Tracy, asked me to make these cupcakes to surprise you with after your competition as it is always easy for me to make pretty cupcakes and it is not often that I have to make something more masculine. To add to the challenge I had to work out how to do justice to all the hard hours you have to spend working out in the gym in order to get the lean, beautifully defined and strong body that Jeff has! I made tubs of Olimp products with the logo cut from sugar paste and added to the tubs. The weights were fairly easy to cut out with round cutters from black sugar paste and I added the Congrats Jeff and yellow training towels to bring in the colours of the Olimp products.

I needed  a model for the arms and torso of the body builder and as my husband was not willing to stand shirtless in the kitchen for me while I sculpted with sugar paste, I had to draw on inspiration from all the hours….ok not as many as Jeff spends in the gym…but it feels like loads anyway… and sculpt a beautiful bicep and torso cupcake topper. After battling along and coming to the realisation that actually most of my time in the gym is spent just trying to catch my breath after each exercise so there really is not much time to admire any toned bodies, I turned to my trusty Action Man figurine who was a willing and uncomplaining model for my cupcakes.


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