Up Up … and Away!

Hot Air Balloon CupcakesAnother fun order of cupcakes from Jenny meant I could experiment with colour and patterns on these Hot Air Balloon Cupcakes.  The cupcakes were to celebrate her niece, Caitlyn’s, 21st birthday and her husband, Bill’s, birthday. As the birthday adventure involved an early morning hot air balloon ride, Jenny asked me to do cupcakes with this theme. I used circle cutters to cut out the balloons and then swopped out contrasting colours to create the top of the balloons. The final detail was added in the baskets and decorations and stitching on the balloons and they were a perfect sweet addition to an exciting birthday morning. Happy Birthday Caitlyn and Bill! Thanks again for your order Jenny and for the pics of the balloons in the early morning.

Hot Air Balloon Cupcakes


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