Ballet Rocks Denim Figurine for Ceire’s Sweet 16th!

Ballet Rocks Denim Cake

The petite really cute baby I gave birth to 16 years ago turns Sweet 16 today! Congratulations Ceire and thank you for 16 years of fun, laughter and joy with you! I love the zest for life and quirky craziness you bring into our lives every day. Wishing you the best day ever and enjoy being totally spoilt with all your pressies and your Ballet Rocks Denim cake! This figurine was inspired by your lovely long legs and the ballet part is a thank you to you for all the hours you spent dancing and giving us such joy with youir grace and beauty on stage.  The denim is inspired by your love for denim jeans and shorts (hence the denim shorts cake with the added lace you love) and your funky swagger in everything denim, you know how to rock whatever you are wearing and we love you for it. Not sure if these shoes are quite as awesome as your new Nikes and Converse shoes but couldn’t resist adding them for some fun to your figurine and of course the laces are not done up in memory of all the times you insisted on not tying your laces on your shoes!!! Yes I remember!  I hope I captured everything beautiful about you from your legs to your hair to your pretty face and most of all I hope I captured your zany character and zest for life!

Ballet Rocks Denim Cake

Happy Sweet 16th Birthday Ceire!



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