Birthday Cake for Michelle & Hayley

Birthday Cake for a LadyMichelle and Hayley celebrated their birthdays in the same month and we held a combined party for them.  I made a cake with 3 gift boxes, one a pastel blue and light peach ribboned gift box and the other 2 with a figurine each for Michelle and Hayley.

I was inspired by Michelle’s love of blue to make her a tiny “Michelle” figurine in a pretty blue dress on a pale pink gift box.  I added lace, made using Crystal Lace to the figurine’s petticoat and I included a chilren’s book for the days when Michelle taught her 4 year olds at creche.  The little figurine has the same peaceful smile that Michelle always shows us!

Birthday Cake for a Lady

Hayley has a passion for colour which she uses with skillful abandon in our scrapbooking classes so I was inspired to do this colourful owl for her.  I used my favourite shade of blue and different flower and heart cutters to complete the sassy owl.  The gift box I covered in a warm yellow, dusted with tangerine. She spent the morning batting her pretty eyelashes at us and watched both Michelle and Hayley open all their presents!

Owl Sugar Figurine



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