World Literacy Day Cupcakes

World Literacy Day Cupcakes

Trinityhouse Primary School, Randpark Ridge celebrated World Literacy Day in awesome style last year. The teachers and children dressed up as literary characters from their favourite books and Karin ordered cupcakes to celebrate the day in sweet style with the staff members.  There was great excitement in the school on the day and even more excitement as I delivered the cupcakes with their literary inspired sugar works.  For the miniature books I googled children’s book covers and had them printed in miniature onto edible rice paper and put them on the tiny sugar paste books I had created in bright colours.

World Literacy Day CupcakesThe Cat in The Hat has to be many a childhood favourite and with the bright red book covers and bright red and white hats they added quirky colour to the cupcake display.  Benjamin Bunny didn’t quite hop on his cupcake but he looked cute in his little blue sugar pants.

World Literacy Day Cupcakes

The Cat in The Hat!

Alice in Wonderland has to be a favourite literary theme and so easy recognizable with the mad-hatter hats, Cheshire Cat, stop watches and Drink Me bottles.

World Literacy Day Cupcakes

Alice in Wonderland!

A A Milne’s Winnie the Pooh is a treasured book on many a shelf and I made the colourful characters, Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore and Tigger as well as Pooh’s honey jar.  I loved this opportunity to make these cupcakes for such a wonderful occasion so thank you Karin for trusting me with your order.

World Literacy Day Cupcakes

Winnie The Pooh

World Literacy Day Cupcakes


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