Pirate-Tess Cake!

Pirate-Tess Cake

Pirate-Tess Cake

Pirate-Tess Cake

Pirate-Tess Cake

Pirate-Tess is one of my favourite figurines and I made her during one of Vicci Clemitson-Martin’s classes last year.  It was a whole new experience to work with such exquisite quality sugar paste from Italy for the first time and to see the difference in the quality of the figurine that could be produced. A chef always chooses the finest ingredients and we certainly had one fine ingredient in this sugar paste we used! Pirate-Tess not only turned out to be a funky and cheeky pirate in her black boots and embossed bodice but also beautiful with her hair, skirt & flirty eyelashes being kissed by the sea breeze on her wooden deck cake.

Pirate-Tess Cake

Kissed By The Breeze!

I completed my cake with a ruffled red flower with a beaded golden centre, an edible rice paper treasure map and soft blue waves teasing the sides of the deck looking for a better look at the sexy Pirate-Tess.

Pirate-Tess Cake


A gold satin roped cord was a perfect finish to the cake board and tiny pearls and white beads added to the effect of the waves to allow Pirate-Tess to stand tall and proud on her sugared deck!

Pirate-Tess Sugar Figurine

Pirate-Tess Sugar Figurine


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