Will You Marry Me Cupcakes!

Marry Me Cupcakes

Jeffrey makes his Sweet Marriage Proposal!

It was such a sweet request (excuse the pun) of Jeffreys when he asked me to make these cupcakes for his proposal to his girlfriend. He planned to sweep her off her feet first with a delicious lunch and then to surprise her with a Will You Marry Me Dessert. As he left the design of the cupcake up to me I made 2 cupcakes, the first with 2 daintily embossed hearts with white roses and the second with a single embossed heart and a tag with his proposal of marriage. I then put the cupcakes in bright red polka dot cupcake boxes and the waiter presented this sweet proposal after lunch. Of course this sweet cupcake tale ended delightfully with Jeffrey’s girlfriend accepting his proposal and both of them enjoying their sweet treat! May these be just some of many sweet words you offer in your lives together Jeffrey!


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