Horse & Rider Cake


Horse & Rider Birthday CakeJané celebrated her 9th birthday with a Horse Riding Themed Birthday Party.  Not only was there tremendous excitement of being able to ride horses at her birthday, but there was at the same time careful and detailed planning that went into her celebration cake.  Jané’s mom, Janita, knew exactly what the cake and cupcakes should look like.  She asked me to do a horse and rider figurine sitting in a field with flowers and a waterfall.  The colour scheme was teal, turquoise and pink and I used all these colours in the rider’s checked shirt, scarf and boots.  I popped the cute rider and horse onto a bright green iced ‘field’ cake and then constructed the flowing water of the waterfall with strips of thin embossed and ruffled sugar paste. Tiny pearls were perfect for the bubbles bouncing on top of the water at the base of the waterfall. I added flowers, a horseshoe and a rosette to complete the cake.

Horse & Rider Birthday Cake

The cupcakes were fun to do with one special cupcake decorated with a mini horse & rosette and the rest with printed horse discs and horse shoes, rolled roses and pretty flowers.  I certainly couldn’t have had more fun making this birthday cake and it was such a pleasure to know that both Jané and Janita were delighted with my interpretation of a Horse and Rider Cake.

Horse Riding Cupcakes

Horse & Rider Birthday Cake


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