Cupcakes that were 2 delite!!

Teacher & Gym Themed Cupcakes

Teacher & Gym Themed Cupcakes

I have been baking cupcakes, making themed toppers and helping add to memorable celebrations now since 2011 and have been blessed with amazing customers whose awesome comments only want me to do better each time they order from me. These cupcakes were ordered by a new customer who asked me to do these as a gift for 2 friends, one a teacher and one a gym-lover. As per usual I made unique and individual toppings for these 2 orders. They were baked and decorated and ready to fetch on Tuesday last week at the request of this customer. I received one excuse after the other as to why she could not fetch these cupcakes (I had even made 2 offers to deliver on the Tuesday) and at 8pm Thursday was still waiting for them to be collected! What flaws me is that would she order croissants from a bakery on a Tuesday and then expect them to be fresh by the Friday if collected so late? Unfortunately I had to tell her I had taken it that the order was cancelled as she had made no effort to collect these for her friends and even if she had they would no longer have been fresh by the Friday!

Unfortunately for these friends they lost out on beautiful custom made cupcakes but fortunately for me this is the first time I have had this happen in 6 years of baking so can only say I am so grateful for the wonderful customers I do have and I love that you trust me with your orders again and again!

Gym Themed Cupcakes

Gym Themed Cupcakes


2 thoughts on “Cupcakes that were 2 delite!!

  1. One silly customer over all these years is not worth giving a second thought about. We all know how great you are……especially me. Love yeh!!


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