Baby Animals Cake

Baby Animals Cake

What a cute way to start off 2017 with this Baby Animals Cake. As I blog, 2 year old twins, Christopher and Erin, are celebrating their birthday with family and friends. Jan and Sue decided on a Wild Baby Animal Theme for their cake and my only brief was that it needed to include 6 of their favourite wild animals.

Baby Animals Cake

Lording over the cake, in sweet golden yellow style, is a baby lion. He has made himself at home in the grass and looks on nonchalantly at the other animals. The zebra is Christopher’s favourite animal and he has the same sweet expression and curly hair tumbling onto his forehead as Christopher has. He is sitting close to the giraffe, Erin’s favourite animal. She is just as pretty as Erin and is peeping out inquisitively from her leafy tree. The hippo wallowing in his pool, the baby elephant looking sleepily at the rest of the gang and the impish monkey swinging from the tree complete the baby wildlife for the cake. Thank you again for your order Jan and Sue and enjoy the antics that Christopher and Erin are sure to get up to at their party!

Baby Animals CakeBaby Animals CakeBaby Animals CakeBaby Animals CakeBaby Animals Cake


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