Hostess Pro, iDuc & SACBW Competition

Hostess Pro & IDuc Competition

Santi Britz (iDUC) Lisa Cunningham (Cupcakes2Delite) & Vanessa Broughton (Hostess Pro)

Vanessa Broughton of Hostess Pro brought August, Woman’s Month, to a spectacular and incredibly moving finish with her hosting of the Hostess Pro and iDuc Cake Decorating Competition last Saturday, 26th August. The Rekord captured pictures on the day of this fundraising event. iDUC, founded by Santi Britz, was the charity chosen for this particular event and the day became not just a day for a cake competition as we arrived with our beautifully decorated cakes, but more importantly a day of meeting some remarkable women.

Hostess Pro & IDuc Competition

Cupcakes2Delite Sugar Paste iDUC

This little white iDUC with its pink and turquoise hearts was not only a requirement on each competition cake, but is a symbol of gentle kindness and healing within the iDUC organisation. The iDUC project is based on the touching story of Santi Britz who, “by the grace of God, used her pain from a rape trauma to touch the lives of many.” Santi shared her story with us and took us all on her journey of pain, brokenness, hope, courage and kindness, leaving us with a message to become pro-active in a world that leaves so many young children orphaned and suffering. Santi has used her experience to help other rape survivors and her courage shines through with her humility. It was an honour to meet this incredible woman. These small sugar versions on the cupcakes and cakes brought Santi to tears as she saw how important her story was to this competition.

Hostess Pro & IDuc Competition

Hostess Pro & IDuc Competition

Vanessa Broughton of Hostess Pro, is a SACBW Business Woman of the Year 2017 Finalist and she chose to raise funds for the iDUC project as her fundraising project. Having got to know Vanessa well in the last few months, I can include her in the list of remarkable women we met on Saturday. Not only did Vanessa spend hours organising this event, she went the extra mile to promote the iDUC project visually through including the ducks on all her marketing and advertising for the day. We all knew why we were taking part in this important competition before we arrived on the day. We were introduced to the SACBW (South African Council for Business Women) & even more excited for Vanessa being a 2107 Finalist. You totally deserve this accolade Vanessa and I am holding fingers, thumbs and toes for you!

Hostess Pro & IDuc Competition

Vote for Vanessa Broughton, finalist in the SACBW

Andries Kemp of Rolkem did the honours of graciously and rather elegantly handing out the top prizes. He delighted the ladies and gents with his stories and was one of Vanessa’s wonderful sponsors for the day. A huge thank you to Vanessa for our goodie bags and to Rolkem for sponsoring duster colours for these bags as well as some of the prizes. Vanessa’s attention to detail included bright certificates for each participant as well as a beautifully wrapped chocolate bar and of course the surprise goodie bag.

Hostess Pro & IDuc Competition

Vanessa & Andries Kemp (right), Bernhard (left) of Rolkem

The competitors, not only women, proved remarkable in their own rights showing off their talents and support on the day. I felt privileged to have been able to enter this competition but even more privileged to have shared time with so many amazing women and men. Of course the competition could not have taken place without the 2 judges who gave so much of their time with their meticulous judging.

Hostess Pro & IDuc Competition

Bridal Figurine Entry for the Competition


Hostess Pro & IDuc Competition

Certificate and Goodie Bag

While the judging was taking place, we were well entertained with a biscuit balancing and marshmallow throwing contest. I had great fun here with another amazing young woman, Carmen, who has proved herself to be my number 1 groupie. Thanks for the laughs and for sharing such a special day & so many other days with me Carmen. I am not quite sure what I will do when you leave on your new adventure, but hats off to you for your quiet courage in taking on this next chapter of your life.

Hostess Pro & IDuc Competition

Biscuit Balancing at its Best!

Hostess Pro & IDuc Competition

Biscuit Balancing Fun!


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