Valentine’s Day Cake Tutorial

Valentine's Day Cake

Combining passion and romance for Valentine’s Day with Crystal Candy Passion and Romantique Stencils. These are the photos from a photographic tutorial on using Crystal Candy Cake Artistry Edible Gel and Crystal Candy Stencils to make an elegant Valentine’s Day Cake.

Valentine's Day Cake

Crystal Candy Stencils are an invitation to play with design and colour in a new way for me. I have always been hesitant to stencil on a cake covered in fondant as I always thought what if I make a mistake or don’t press hard enough etc and ruin my fondant. This stencilling onto edible paper was a way for me to practise stencilling and gain more confidence and I was really chuffed with how it turned out. Using a blob of Crystal Candy Cake Artistry edible gel in red, I spread this across the Romantique stencil, with its swirls of hearts amidst elegant whirls and dots.

Valentine's Day Cake

I just love that I surprise myself every time I lift the stencil and reveal the printed pattern on the edible paper. I have to admit, I did a small whirl in my kitchen with delight at this new stencil.

Valentine's Day Cake

Pops of red fondant hearts on wire to give height to my cake….

Valentine's Day Cake

…..and more stencilling, this time with the Passion stencil and black edible gel onto a red fondant heart.

Valentine's Day CakeValentine's Day Cake

Finished cake with edible paper beautifully and simply stencilled, red stencilled heart and matching red hearts just because there can’t be too much love on Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day Cake

My embossed pristine white board with tiny hearts and detail to complement the theme of Love is in the air…..& most of all on this cake!

Valentine's Day CakeValentine's Day Cake

The happy ending of this romantic bake….thank you Ray and Crystal Candy for more awesome products to enhance our cake decorating adventure!

To all my fellow bakers, may there always be an abundance of love sprinkled on every cake creation that you dream up!

Valentine's Day CakeValentine's Day CakeValentine's Day CakeValentine's Day Cake


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