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Rugby Figurine Birthday Cake

Rugby Player Figurine Cake

A bit of a belated post of this Rugby Figurine Cake I created for Reece’s 18th Birthday shortly before flying off to Ireland. Reece had just suffered a 2nd major rugby injury to his knee and underwent a 2nd operation meaning that he wasn’t able to play serious competitive rugby again. I thought long and hard whether this figurine was then the right figurine of Reece for his cake as I didn’t want to make him sad on his birthday. Inspired by this photograph taken by his dad and inspired by the passion he portrayed in his weekend festival of rugby I went ahead with it and hoped it would be accepted with the admiration it came with.

Rugby Player Figurine Cake

You could never capture in sugar the passion and determination this young man showed for his sport and his team mates. He worked for over 9 months with fierce drive to recover from a previous injury in order to play in such a prestigious school event. I witnessed him running on to the field with a pride I hadn’t witnessed in someone so young and then saw him play some awesome games that showed his passion for his sport. The pain and devastation that everyone around him felt for him with his 2nd injury that weekend, taking him out of the remaining games, left us truly winded. However Reece arrived back onto the field, cheering and encouraging (… and whatever else guys do….) his team from the side! I think you honestly believed your crutches were for waving and encouraging the dudes and not for holding you up!!! In those moments Reece, you showed true sportsmanship and passion for your sport, and you were and still are an inspiration to all around you. You certainly taught me that, even when the going gets tough, it is the spirit and loyalty  you show in adversity that creates the person you are! Thank you for sharing this passion and love, as well as all your other amazing characteristics with us, making us laugh and smile along the way. If you take all this strength ahead with you in every adventure your life leads you into, you won’t need rugby boots to fly, just yourself!

Rugby Player Figurine Cake

PS….you have way better hair than I managed to capture in strands of sugar!

Rugby Player Figurine CakeRugby Player Figurine CakeRugby Player Figurine CakeRugby Player Figurine CakeRugby Player Figurine Cake