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Wine Fairy for Wendy’s Birthday!

Wendy's Wine Fairy & Cupcakes

May Your Glass be Always Full of Fun Wendy!

Wendy is off celebrating her birthday on a sunny, golden beach today so we celebrated her birthday with her Wine Fairy before she left this week. As Wendy is my blogging guru, the co-founder of this blog, a great friend & a passionate lover of my cupcakes (and was hinting for most of 2013 that she hadn’t had a birthday fairy yet), I thought that I would surprise her with her own special fairy.  My inspiration came from Wendy’s love of wine and her love of red and black and I thought what better way than to have her sitting in her own wine glass! Wendy’s wine fairy even has the same black pants with the ruffled bottoms that we love seeing her wear and I think I have captured her mischievous face and funky hair style too. Her matching cupcakes completed the red and black colour scheme for the celebration. Have fun today Wendy knowing that you finally have your own fairy and that she is sitting looking pretty in her own glass.