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Dancer Figurine Cake for my Daughter

Dancing Figurine Cake

Ceire, our beautiful daughter, turned 17 in October and as she had fallen in love with the dancing figurine cake in Carlos Lischetti’s book and asked me to do that cake for her birthday I did but put my own twist and character to the cake.  The cake was a cotton candy sponge which I covered with a vanilla buttercream.  As Ceire is not too fond of fondant covered cakes I covered the sides and top of the cake with edible strips of lace which added to the feminine dance theme of the cake.  The figurine represents Ceire and everything about her dancing days. Her elegant, slim and long legs are crossed gracefully as she sits on the edge of her cake and she is wearing a simple white dance costume that portrays the simple yet elegant dancer that Ceire was,  Her hair is loose and flowing as from young Ceire did not love her hair tightly tied up but would rather have it loose and flowing.  Her ballet shoes are next to her and they and the cake are dotted with tears that represent the sad goodbye she had to say to dance following surgery on both her hips.  She has a slighty sad reminiscing expression but she is holding a tear to represent her courage and strength through everyting she has been through.

I am so proud of you Ceire, not only for the beautiful and talented dancer and gymnast you proved to be, but more importantly for the gorgeous, strong and creative young woman you have grown into and the delight you add into our lives!

Dancing Figurine CakeDancing Figurine Cake