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Teigh – An Unexpected Journey!

This was my tribute to my son on his 21st birthday!

“21 years ago you graced our lives with your larger than life cuteness, fun & playfulness. We watched you grow into a boy making amazing friends as you explored your world with crazy enthusiasm & zeal. Your imagination has always been limitless & it filled your life & ours with magic! Today we are proud of the young man you are & the lives you have touched along the way. Your life has been & always will be one amazing ride so here’s to you & the rest of your amazing Unexpected Journey! We can’t wait to turn the next pages with you Teigh & we love you dude! Happy 21st Birthday, have a brilliant day!”

An Unexpected Journey Cake

Love expecting the Unexpected with you Teigh!

Everything about Teigh has been unexpected from his early New Year’s Day arrival to his wonderful and creative imagination and so this cake was a perfect way to celebrate his 21st year!