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Pink Flower Cupcakes for Tracey’s Birthday

Pink Flower CupcakesPink Flower CupcakesWendy was so excited to have her daughter, Tracey, home last weekend and as it was not only a family reunion but also Tracey’s birthday celebration Wendy asked me to make cupcakes for her.  Tracey loves pink so I iced vanilla cupcakes with a tickled pink icing and added pink flowers which I dusted first before adding a dusting of lustre powder for a hint of glamour.  It was wonderful to meet your beautiful daughter and thank you once again for the incredible enthusiasm you always great my cupcakes with Wendy.

Little girl wishes and princess dreams,……

Pink Blossom Cupcakes

Pink Blossom Cupcakes

From cute blue smurfs to pretty pink blossoms…  This 7 year old who celebrated her birthday last Sunday with her blue smurf themed party had to celebrate with all her school friends in the classroom on Monday as every girl needs every excuse to extend her birthday celebration for as long as possible.  She shared these cupcakes with their pretty pink blossoms and pink sugar beads with her classmates and teachers and I am sure they all had fun as they ate these delectable pink sugary treats.

I photographed them here on my beautiful beaded wrought iron stand and then couldn’t resist taking a bit of cupcake licence and photographing them on the table with the beads dangling  just beyond their reach.

Pink Blossom Cupcakes

Pink Blossom Cupcakes

Pink bows and pretty things,

Fancy dresses and golden rings,

Little girl wishes and princess dreams’

She dances on stars and moonlight beams.

-Veronica Curtis –