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Cupcakes for Jo’s Sweet Sixteen Birthday!

Sweet Sixteen Cupcakes

With Jo celebrating her Sweet Sixteenth Birthday this year her mom,Liz, asked me to do cupcakes for the celebration and she chose a Strawberries and Cream theme for the cupcakes and decor.  She surprised Jo with pizza, balloons, presents, cupcakes and messages from all her friends during her school lunch break.  I baked  Strawberry and White Chocolate Cupcakes in these delicate pink and white flower cupcake cases and then made a creamy vanilla icing to top them.  I cut flowers in a variety of shapes in deep pink, pale pink and white and then combined them giving them either a contrasting rolled rose or beaded centre. Immediately after icing the cupcakes I gave each one a sprinkling of pink or white beads before adding a flower.  Thanks Liz for your order of these cupcakes for your delightful daughter and I am pleased that Jo enjoyed her surprise and her cupcakes.

Pink & White Flower Cupcakes