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Putting up my Cupcake feet for a while…..

Shoe Cupcakes

The inspiration behind these cupcakes comes from a picture that Sonja put on my facebook page.  I looked at the picture and thought, wow really cool cupcakes but don’t think I would be able to make these as they look really tricky.  My blogging guru who gave me the inspiration and kick-start to begin this blog said, you really must make some pleeeez.  Another friend with huge faith in me wanted me to do the same so here you go girls, this is my cupcake high-heel shoe!  Alen and Karen are the phenomenal team behind the Hello Cupcake blog and books which inspire and motivate countless bakers around the world http://blog.hellocupcakebook.com/ They create the most fun cupcakes I have come across in all my cupcake research.  These shoe cupcakes are featured in their new book, Cupcakes, cookies, & pie, oh my.  I haven’t been able to get the book yet so went purely on the picture of these cupcakes.  I baked a cupcake in a pink cupcake case, flat iced the cupcake and then dipped it into pink coloured sugar crystals. I removed a small section of the cupcake for the sugar paste sole of the shoe to rest on and added a rolled wafer biscuit (strawberry flavour of course) for the heel.   To give the shoe a touch of whimsy I added 3 lime green sugar paste flowers with pink centres.

I love the fun look this cupcake has and couldn’t resist photographing it here with a pink and white polka dot background. This cupcake is totally appropriate to blog this week as I have to put away my dancing shoes, in fact all my shoes, as I go into hospital for an operation on my foot on Friday and won’t be baking for a couple of months. I am sure I will find creative ways of blogging in between so to all my followers please hang around for cupcake inspiration of a different kind.

Shoe Cupcake